Friday, August 31, 2012

Great 15mm not40k Orks

Hey all, just a quick aside for those kind readers who do 15mm scifi. A quick read on TMP turned up this: Brilliant. I did my GZG mercenaries closer to their inspiration -

My take on them

Well Jim Klein (who I don't know but love his work now, and these pics were not used with his permission but thay are really cool. Hope you don't mind if I spread the word a little Jim) offered up this great take on them as well:

Brilliant. I love it. When I got the mercenary sculpts, this was the first thing I thought about. Wow those would be great space orcs. I decided to not do them that way cause I wanted to go a different way. But now, I may need to get some more packs so I can do them just like this. I have a bunch of 15mm Armor that could proxy. And I already have a bunch of notEldar I picked up. 

You could then play large battle with In The Emperors Name, or use FUBAR or anything else. With all this OldHammer/Rogue Trader nostalgia going on, you could easily proxy all the great early stuff and have some fun. I know that Blue Moon does some great potential stand-ins for Marines.

Anybody else got some suggestions for proxies? With Demonworld's line now being reporduced, I bet with some work, you could have some Dark Eldar and Squats pretty quickly.


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Chris said...

I love the orange arm on the commander and on the mecha. Everyone knows orange punches the hardest. If you like the mercenaries from 'The Fifth Element' you should check out the Kurgan from Rebel Minis.

Lead Addict said...

Its easy to see an ornage clinched fist held high in the air.

Brummie said...

Brilliant really like these. May have to get some to paint up for some fun