Thursday, August 16, 2012

British Napoleonics - 15th (Kings Own) Hussars

I have been making some good progress on the next British light Cav unit, the 15th Hussars. A beautiful unit, they were in the Pennisula from the beginning. Here:s a couple of reference pics:

Reference from Osprey - Chap in the Center is from the 15th

Painting of the battle of Sahagun Spain 1808

An action figure. But it shows clarly the detail of the uniform

Reenactment Group for the 15th
I have completed eveything on the figs from the neck down. Now its time for faces, collars, busbies, cords and bags. Should be just one evening and they will be dine. Pic when they are.

That will leave me with 3 cannon and crew and I will have completed the first and 2nd phase of my British Penninsular Nappy Project. Still in the wings, but maybe there for a bit are another 3 units of Cav, 2 Highlander units, and 3 Infantry Units that are certain to become KGL(as will one or two of the cav units).


Brummie said...

Sounds good. look forward to seeing them

BaronVonJ said...

I will paint some Spanish or Portugese.