Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Post Apoc - Composite shots and a Watch Tower

Here is a quick update with the finished shanties in context with other figs and terrain pieces. More stuff to come like generators, well, vendors, bazaar, blacksmith, gunsmith, tinker shop.


Here's a couple of shots of a wtch tower, a search light, and some gangways. I am going to add a lower tier of firing/observation platform around the tower and at the top of the search light before they are painted. The searchligt and the floor of the tower are at the same level so the gangways can connect them. these would be for a Corps of Engineer outpost or such where they have the tech to actually build something like this.


Brummie said...

Nicely done. I really like the start on the tower.

MIK said...

Seeing these in action makes them look even better. I agree with Brummie, the tower is off to a great start, looking forward to more.

Spacejacker said...

Very cool. This sort of terrain adds so much to a PA game. Im going to do plenty more retrofitting and building in the near future... Mighty imspirational!