Monday, August 20, 2012

So what next?... Spanish Of course - 28mm Penninsular Spanish

What to do next, well, i was going to do those last couple of cannon for the British, but I flipped the page in one of my uniform books and there was the Spanish Artillery. So I did some research, and these amazing illos and minis turned up, so I was jazzed to get started on my own. (all images from the web)

Love these illos

Eagle Miniatures

Eagle Miniatures

Beautiful Illo

Eagle Miniatures

From the excellent Touching History gent. I was lucky to pick up his book on making terrain for the Penninsular Campaigns. This is is one of his setups at Partizan I believe.
 So I got all of my Spanish down, got faces and hands based painted and inked, then decided to do what I never do. I did a test fig. I was trying to work out how I wanted to do teh white uniform, and I just went from there. All told about 30 minutes trying to figure out the uniform in my mind and what everything is on the sculpt. These are Front Rank and they are a joy to paint. Clean and crisp. A real painters figure.

Well here he is, the first Spanish Regiment which could be either Rey, Reina, or Corona:

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