Tuesday, September 4, 2012

And the Post Apoc goes on, and on, and on...

More Post apoc goodness gentle readers from the holiday weekend here in the States.

Grayscale Wasteland? No Just Primed.

Shots of the latest Ruined Block. 2 Story Ruined Brick Building. Primed and ready for painting. Sidewalk is less rubbled that others so the figs can stay on the sidewalk. 

Ruined building with outdoor ruined courtyard. Linear ruined terrain for full cover and hard cover. A fovorite place for vendors to lay out their tarps and display thier wares.

Ruin with portable cover. Water Barrels, Chem containers, etc.

Plastic water barrels and Water/Chem containers

Falling apart generator/pump

Front View of the finished Bazaar. A former Carport converted into the Shanty Town Bazaar.

Rear of the Bazaar

Roof Detail of Bazaar

Some atmospheric shots
I am working on a bunch of cover and atmospheric stuf(crates, containers, etc) a storage tank, pipe farm. I also have a town square area (12" x 24") that is mostly built but needs to be paited. As Recruits approaches. I need to square away my game in addition to doing the last terrain pieces. Lots to do. Getting ready for the con always gets a burst of production done for me.

Happy Apocalypse!


MIK said...

Looking great, the bazaar cam out especially nice. I also like all of your scenery extras like chem-container and barrel bases.

Brummie said...

It all looks excellent when are you going to deliver it to me!

Lead Addict said...

HaHa. Nice one Brummie. From the looks of your blog, you're buried as well.

Mik, I have some more containers and boxes I am working on next.

Thanks for the comments.

Barks said...

Very nice!

Barks said...

Very nice!

Spacejacker said...

Very, very nice! Great work LA.