Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Brain and other things that get in my way...

So do you ever just get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of gaming stuff you have or buy, or want to buy? And I know its kinda whiney and spoiled of me, but I have been blessed that I have a great gaming group, great friends and in-laws who game, and an income over the last 20 years that has allowed me to indulge in this great hobby.

I've kinda been there, done that, and my collection shows it. It is crazy eclectic. From my huge RPG collection, to my early and mid GW stuff to historicals and everywhere in between. I don't have many periods or genres I can't dig out at least one fig or unit that is painted or unpainted for it. And frankly, its gotten to be a bit much. And scale too. I have figs, units and armies for 6mm, 15mm, and 28mm ECW. I have never played one game of ECW. Nappies are the same way, only I have played many games. I have an embarassment of riches when it comes to gaming, and I think its time to narrow focus.

I think I am searching for some clarity. and honestly, I have gotten much this last year. Some things I know:

Black Powder is my Nappy Set of rules. All roads lead there. Thats a big one to mark off. The BP suite of rules suits our group and our approach.

Hail Caesar is my Ancients/Fantasy Big Battle game. That's just as huge, considering the size of my 15mm Demonworld collection(painted and unpainted)

Fistful of Lead:Wasteland Warriors is my go to Post Apoc game(since we worte it). All roads lead there as well. This is very helpful too.

I think I am well and through with caring about much of anything in 28mm fantasy, except as a 40-60 warband style game or singles for RPGing. I won't ever paint big 28mm armies(even though I have tons of figs for them) since I am totally concentrating on 15mm Fantasy for big battle.

I will never play a 40k or WHFB game. I need to get rid of the various collections of stuff cause its just too much stuff and noise.

I will commit to Pike and Shotte as my game of choice for ECW and base(rebase--the horror) accordingly. (Still doing 15's and 28's though.)

I need to pick a dozen things to game and trim the rest away.

More on the dirty dozen when I figure out what it is...


Brummie said...

Sounds like a plan, clear out and stock up on what you want to do

Cluck Amok said...

Oh yeah. . . Sometimes on Sunday night after a weekend with my toys, I'll lie awake and wonder if the investment in time and money will ever really be vindicated. . . I usually get over it by Tuesday morning : )