Thursday, August 16, 2012

50...Well thanks.

This blog has always been a vanity project for me, but it has given me a chance to share my musings, ramblings and occassional pics of this hobby of ours. So I glanced down today and found I had broken 50 followers. That's pretty cool. I don't troll for followers, so thanks to you original 50 for taking enough of a shine to my efforts and following me.

Oh and I broke 200 posts.



Brummie said...


Mik said...

Fifty followers *and* two hundred posts, congrats! Here' the next two hundred!

Spacejacker said...

Congratulations! Always a pleasure to read, thanks for the posts!

Lead Addict said...

Thanks guys. I am going to try to do more pics, and better photography along the way. Thanks for follwoing and reading. I enjoy all of yours as well.