Monday, July 2, 2012

HAil Caesar! Fantasy?...yep

This thursday we are gonna play Hail Caesar Fantasy at the Barons abode. This is the fantasy mod of the Warlord Games Hail Caesar rules. We are gonna use my 15mm Demonworld figs. We were gonna ramp up to use 28mm fantasy for this, but honestly, if I can do this, I may not have to. Not sure what I would do with all these 28mm figs though.

One the phot front, I got a crazy deal on an RCA Small Wonder digital camcorder, one of the ones that are the size of a phone. I wanted to record vacations and stuff. well it has a picture mode too. Problem is no focus. So depth of field is depth of field, regardless of zoom (which is only 2x). I said cheap right. Well I wanted to try it out for blog photos. Not impressed. I'll go back to my wife's kodak for now.

Anyway here is a couple of shots of the two armies. Orcs VS. Woood Elves. 3 Brigades per side, Plus 1 Ally Brigade per side (for the Orcs its the Giantkin, for the Woodelves its the Creatures of the Forest)

Two BRigades of Wood Elves
Centaur Brigade (2 Units of Centaur Archers, 2 Units of Centaur Hvy
Elven Heavy Infantry and Archer Brigade(Wardancers, Spearmen, Woodsmen, and Archers)

Elven Cav Brigade(2 units of Pagasus Rider Bows 1 unit of Medium Cav, 1 unit of supporting Archers)

Ally Creatures of the Forest Brigade(2 Units of Treemen, 2 Units of Minotaurs)

Here are the Orc Brigades:

Orc Missle Brigade(3 Units Savage Orc Archers, 1 Roc Thrower, 1 Balista)

Orc Cav Brigade(1 Unit of Spider Riders, 2 Units of Medium Cav Wolf Riders, 1 Unit of Lt Cav Wolf Rider Archers)

Orc Infantry Brigade (3Units of Spearmen, 1 Catapult, 1 Rock Thrower)

Ally Giantkin Heavy Brigade (2 Units of Trolls, 2 Units of Ogres)

I got so excited I pulled out some more wood elves and started painting. I am wrapping up a woodland archer unit and are working on a hvy cav unit at the same time. Even though you are painting a smaller area, 15mm army painting is still a lot of work. But you can crank them a little faster and you can short cut some stuff and not degrade them much.

I spent a couple of hours highlighting armor for my 15mm Recon Rapid Reaction Force(bulit around Critical Mass Recon guys) army. The blurry walkers in the front are finished. And you can see a command vehicle behind them ready to be highlighted and then weathered. Walkers are DP9 CEF Frames, other vehicles are GZG.

And these guys are the current finished armor and support for the RRF. A couple of scouts, 3 heavy walkers, a command PIFV, a couple of unit support vehicles, a drone support vehicle, and a manned support vehicle. I have 2 Phalanx Tanks, and 3 IFV's to finish and they are done.

On the trading front, I may be getting 28mm French Nappy reinforcements sooner than expected. The reccruiting depot must be working overtime. I'll keep you posted.


Cluck Amok said...


Will we get an AAR from you and the Baron after the game? I'm still on the fence about Hail Caesar and would love to hear your impressions.


Lead Addict said...

I assume the Baron will give one. If not I will be happy to.