Monday, July 9, 2012

Hail Caesar! a quick opinion.

I have been reading the rules since our HC Fantasy game last week. Like Black Powder. I really like the simple mechaincs and overall feel of the game. It's probably not everyones cup of tea. And it is lighter on the granularity some folks want in their wargamming, but for me, its a winner and we will get a lot of use out of these rules. Almost makes me want to paint an ancients army. Almost. I'll stick to 15mm fantasy for now.

I like it so much, it made me get out some more 15mm Demonworld wood elves and paint since last thursday. I finished 3 units of 4 stands( a full division) of Wood Elf Archers to help them withstand the Green Onslaught. Another unit of Wood Elf Hvy Cav is about half done. I will do another Hvy Cav after this one, and some Wood Elf Spears. Then its time for the greenskins to get some reinforcements.
Demonworld Wood Elf Archers (not mine, from Ral Partha Europe site)

Demonworld Wood Elf Cav (Not mine, from Ral Partha Europe site)


Mik said...

Those Wood Elf stands look fantastic, nice work all around.

BaronVonJ said...

Bolt Action just came out too. Mik, those are from the Demonworld site, although Ken's are pretty nice, too.

Lead Addict said...

YEah sorry mik, didn't mean to imply those are mine. I will add a note. Those are from the RP Europe website since you can order them again. Mine are not so nice. Just wanted to give a sense of what I was working on.