Friday, July 6, 2012

Hail Caesar Fantasy - A success!

I don't have pictures or a Bat Rep for you. I'll leave that to the Baron. But the BG's played Hail Caesar Fantasy last night. We had 4 divisions of troops each side. Orcs Vs. Wood Elves. We used the Army lists from the Hail Caesar Fantasy Yahoo Group, which are based on GW fantasy army lists. since there is no wood elf list yet, the Baron used the high elf list for them. We proxied a bunch of figs, but over all worked great.

It was our first ig game of Hail Caesar! so we were gettingthe sequence and mechanics down. Knowing Black Powder helps, but this is a different game for sure. And I like the way it models the crush of HTH and the push and pull until some one gives way and all hell breaks loose. A sweeping advance can be a devastating thing.

The group really liked it and thought with some more plays, could really have a fun game. And they were energized to do it. So we may have some new orders for 15mm fantasy going out and some new units onthe table. Awesome. Maybe we found a group game after all. If every one painted a division of their own, that would be great.

So go get the mods from the Yahoo group and try it out. I may not have to paint 28mm fantsy big armies again. Now I can just do warbands. Yeah that gets me stoked too.

Now go play!

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