Monday, July 30, 2012

Goalsystem Delves - Last 5 days

Well guys, its only 5 days til the Goalsystem Delves Kickstarter either funds or doesn't. The BG's and myself spent some time reading beta versions of the rules, commenting to Scott, and playtesting things. It's a great ruleset that combines mini combat and RPG lite aspects. Its a lot of fun, and its based on the Goalsystem rules framework that I love some much.

Scott is only about $2000.00 short to fully fund this little venture. Please take a look. You can get the pdf of the rules and 10 custom d6 dice for $20.00. That's a great deal. And the Mini sets are awesome too. Fund it, you won't be disappointed. Please get the word out too as Scott makes his last push to get this thing done.

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