Monday, July 30, 2012

New Units for Hail Caesar Fantasy - Wood Elf Reinforcements

I was on vacation last week out of town, but I did get to steal so painting time once I returned. I got some reinforcements for the Wood Elves done. Archers, Hvy Cav, and Spear units. All told, this group added 6 units to the army. I have another unit of Hvy Cav,  2 of skirmishers, 2 of Wardancers to do before the army is complete. For a while. Then its on to finish the Orcs and Goblins. I am speed painting these armies, so I am really trying to focus on what they look like at gamers distance (3' away), so some short cuts are in the mix.

Additions to the army.

Wood Elf Hvy Cav
Wood Elf Spears
Hvy Cav close up

Archers close up
Right now we are playing the Wood Elves as a generic elf kind of army. As we continue to play and fine tune the units we will get the flavor right. We are using the Warhammer Army Lists for Hail Caesar Fantasy put up on the Yahoo! group. They are a great starting point, and the guys are excited about using the units and flavor of Classoc Warhammer, without the rules. Yeah.

As usual, basing and flocking needs to be done. I have 4 more wood elf units to do before the Army is 'complete' and then I will do the army at one time. I need to get some meadow flowers and such for the bases, so I still have some time.

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