Monday, July 30, 2012

Hirst Arts Sci Fi Corridors - Where I am headed

So a couple of months back I did a flurry of castings , for no good reason, of a bunch of Hirst Arts molds I had never cast before. I had a blast. Its always fun casting. I was casting cavern molds, sci fi molds, and pipe molds.

Once I was done casting for a while, I started building, of course. I made some test tiles for the cavern molds. I like where that was headed, and I have a good plan for those to transition to my 15mm foam dungeon project.

Then I had all that sci fi stuff. I started messing around, and before you knowit I had these:

1/2 pink foam, cut in regular sizes to match the tiles. This is the easy way out. A space hulk board, basically. Not the amazing boards that Dropship Studio for Sedition Wars. But fully workable. Short walls using the Indutrial edge mold and tiles for floors. Inspired by Spacejacker, I just love the versatility of doing them this way because, although they are not as atmospheric as full walls, they are scale flexible.

Here they are with 28mm figs:

That's very useable, easy for gamers to move figs and see eveything. Not as atmospheric, but OK. GW Karskin and Necromunda figs.

Now here it is with 15mm figs:

Scale looks good, actually better than with the 28mm figs. The edge now starts to look like walls. Great. Figs are Blue Moon and Khurusan Garns.

You can see in the overall pic, there are 6 tiles made up so far. They are not glued together yet cause I want to do about 20 at a time. So that means more casting. But I am happy where this one could be headed. Painted right, these could also double as a vault for Post Apocalypse.


Spacejacker said...

Very cool, much better than mine. I think I may have to invest in a set of molds if I go on with this sort of layout.

Lead Addict said...

I tried really hard to go with your type of layout, but casting the floor tiles was easier. And I still really like the maze like corridors you did. In fact you can see them on the fantasy dungeon stuff I did with Hirst arts. So I'm gonna have a few of those type tiles.