Friday, June 29, 2012

Once more into the wastes...

The Generals met at the Barons again last night for a game. The Baron seemed a little war weary from hosting games (Gaslight, Goalsystem Delves,etc), so I offered a couple of choices to host.

He chose the Fistful of Lead Post Apocalypse game we wrote - Warriors of the Wastelands. We wanted to add some of the gonzo grit and humor that comes along with our growing up with Gamma World, After the Bomb, and the retro Mutant Future. I had a scenario planned with visctory conditions and motivations. I forgot it all at home. I had the minis and terrain though, so we just decided to wing it. The BAron gave a good account of the battle. I'll add some other things.

We had the Corpse of Engineers. Some unfortunate grafitti and a lack of understanding of the Ancients by its new founders has led to the unfortunate mispelling of the word Corps. Engineers who really only have about half the info they need to make good engineering decisions, they thirst for more. Always searching for knowledge. Members are lifers who give all posessions to the Corpse. they have good tech, but sometims it goes horribly wrong. they may also hide a more sinister secret as well.

We also had 2 gangs of Treasure Hunters. They call themselves archeologists, excavators, miners. Everyone else calls them looters. The dregs of whats left of society, feeding on the remains of the Ancients. They have a tentative alloance with the engineers, but since they are both in the recovery business, things happen. They are the enemies of the wastelander gangs who see them as intruders.

We had 2 gangs of Wastelanders. Grubby, filthy, dirty scoundrels who eek out a living in the wastes. Wastleanders lead a solitary nomadic life with their tribes or families. They hate Looters and see them as carrion that pick the wastes clean of the last valuable pieces of humanity that help the wastelanders survive. They have an uneasy truce with the Engineers, with whom they sometimes trade info for technology.  

Finally we had a Wasteland Mutant Gang. Everyone hates a Mutie. Shunned and thrown out of their Wateland tribes when the y are found to be mutants, most die alone in the wastes. But look out for those who survive the horrors of the deep wastelands, for they are to be feared. And when they band together, Wastelanders and Looters alike fear their fury.

Gangs are 3-8 figs. Figs are a mix of Copplestone, Citadel, and Clicky repaints. Anything is possible. we have full random generation rules for gangs, leaders, monsters, and mutants. Random generation for loot and equipment. Or you can just build your own based on the WYSIWYG principle of the fig. Exploration is a fun aspect of the game for us, but not essential. and you can run it with or without a referee. Based on the Barons Fistful of Lead rules. They are simple, fun, and scenario driven, with the added flavor and salty bitterness of the apocalypse. I hope we will have the rules ready for sale by Recruits XX. I will definately be putting on a game at Recruits of Warriors of the Wastelands. Pics are from the Baron.  


Scott Pyle said...

Looks like it was a blast of a game! Great paint work and basing!

Lead Addict said...

Thanks Scott.

Brummie said...

They all look brilliant lovely terrain as well