Friday, July 13, 2012

Hail Caesar Fantasy-AAR

The Baron has put up an AAR of our Hail Caesar Fantasy game last night with the BG's.

It was god game and eveyone was a bit chatty so we got a late start. We played to a conclusion in about 2-1/2 hours. Everyione was satisfied with the outcome, and we all had fun(well maybe most). I really like these rules. we are continuing to get into the flow of them and after a few more plays, I think we'll be in the groove.

We tweaked the army lists to match better the units, and their role in the Hail Caesar Fantasy lists that were written for GW armies. Overall we will tweak here and there, but it came out pretty good.

Those who don't have them are ordering figs. Ecitement is building. We may have a group game yet.

 I am going to start finishing bases on my Orcs and Wood elves, after I finish a few more units of Elves and Orcs. then its on to either High Elves or Empire. Both have great sculpts. Probably empire to finally get a Human Opponent on the field.

We have people gearing up for Orcs, Chaos, Dwarves, And Greeks. should be fun.


Bill said...

Who is doing Greeks? Are they using centaur allies? How about Amazons?

Lead Addict said...

Scott M. said he was painting up his Xyston greeks. You could go crazy with fun stuff for the greeks. Maybe call them Olivians?