Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dropzone Commander - Can it be more epic than Epic 40k?

Well, I have been watching this develop, along with many people who have a very soft spot in their hearts for the classic GW Epic 40k game.
I have spoken of my love for EPIC Space Marine. I have boxes full of painted and unpainted Epic minis. So a well supported sci fi ground combat game is right up my alley.

Then a few months ago the images for Dropzone Commander started coming out. First in ones and twos, then one a day on the Dropzone Facebook page. Now some stunning atmospheric shots of the armies form the Hawk Wargames website. And preorders for the minis are up there as well as a favorite US online store, The Warstore. Here are some of those shots:

It doesn't get better than that for eye candy. Simply stunning, and apparently the buildings are going to be released as customizable as well. the figs are 10mm. So bigger than epic and Microarmor, but smaller than Flames of War. You get the picture.

Not much is known about force sizes, costs of armies and mechanics of the game. And that's too bad. I think maybe how cool the minis are, was too much to keep to themselves at Hawk Wargames. And the rules themselves weren't ready. So now Hawk is having to answer too many questions and is distrated from getting the complete package together to sell. Hard to keep minis this cool under wraps, but I wish they had. I hope it isn't detrimental to the overall system.

I have immense respect for Frontline Gamer and he has done a great review of where things sit right now with the game. I would encourage you to take a look at his article.

Even though it wasn't on the options list for the BG's group game. I think maybe it should be.


BaronVonJ said...

Eff the figs, where can I buy those buildings?

Lead Addict said...

they look like HO scale buildings to me, so not a big deal. Go to any Hobby Lobby and in their train section you can buy any number of kits as beautiful. And I guarantee cheaper.

That's one of the things I like about the 10mm scale. You can use all the railroad stuff straight across with no scale issues.

Lead Addict said...

and you know some of those figs are just damn sweet. Especially the Post Human Stuff.

knobgobbler said...

Some nice stuff there (and some kind of '?') but I'm heavy into 6mm so 10mm would be a new scale... so, sadly, no sale for me.

Jay Reese said...

I looked on the set at the building, they say they are going to mold them and have them for sale at some point. I think they might work for 6mm, and some of the aliens/ships would work.

Lead Addict said...

I love the 2 human factions, and am starting to like the Shaltari as well. The other race is ganna take a while. But for me if the rule blow, then I'm probably out.

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