Friday, June 8, 2012

Quick Update - 6/8/12 - Flower of Chivalry, Dungeon Delves

We played Flower of Chivalry last night in an ongoing campaign battle that had to get fought to keep things moving. We have been playing these rules for about 10 years now and everyone knows them well, so they are great for a quick pick up game or a simple mapless campaign. A tight little set of rules from the Canadian Wargamers Group. Written by Bruce McFarlane, the book is an intro to War of the Roses, and an awesome set of medieval battle rules. The great success is the simplicity of the rules and the true fog of war introduced by the battlelust system incorporated that deals with morale, motivation, fog of war and ability to get your troops to do what you want. All in one chart, and all with one roll. Combat is simple and deadly, and in the end always feels right. I didn't include these on my 10 most influential rules post a while back and should have included them. They also have a great set of ECW rules as well, with a great campaign system. You can order the rules from The Canadian Wargamers Group website for $25.00. Go get em if you want to have a great, simple but not simplistic, tactical set of rules for all those Perry War of the Roses box sets you have sitting gathering dust on your paint table. I might just buy some box sets myself.

We also started making some characters for Goalsystem Dungeon Delves by Scott Pyle. I have been giving the beta versions of the rules a once over and man, has Scott put a lot of excellent work into this baby. His love of RPG's really shines through. The BG's are a great fan of Scott's innovative Goalsystem rules systems and this is gonna be a winner. We are fighting for time to do some playtesting, but we will get it in. There is a lot to absorb, but its pretty intutive especially if you know the Goalsystem rules. Expect a Kickstarter in June.

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