Thursday, June 21, 2012

Goalsystem coming

Awesome, right!!?? Great Cover.

I am proud to spread the word that Scott Pyle's always fun and innovative Goalsystem rules design workshop is at it again. His latest is Goalsystem Delves. Those of you familiar with Goalsystem (Supersystem, Chaos in Carpathia, Chaos in Chronos, Blasters and Bulkheads, Robofire(which isn't out yet but has gotten much love in playtesting here)) will love the game and already know the basic mechanics fof it. Those who don't, well where have you been? Do you not like fun?

Anyway Scott has put up a Kickstarter to really make the release of GD an event. Minis, terrain, Limited edition figs, pdf's and hardcopies of the rules, stretchgoals. It's all there. The Basement Generals were involved in the playtesting and Scott put up with my general comments on the game. He's top notch in my book.

Go support him or we will all know you hate puppies, grandma, and America!!!

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Scott Pyle said...

Thanks, Ken! Appreciate the pub!