Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Holy Crap, I missed my Birthday!

Brummie's Blog and Frontline Gamer just recently celebrated their 1st birthday's. It got me thinking, when is mine. And crapola I missed mine.

SO..... Happy Birthday Lead Addict Blog. You're 4!

That doesn't sound right, but it is. The official birthday is June 10, 2008. I was sporadic at first, but have really come to enjoy musing on this grand hobby I love so much. So thanks for reading the ramblings of a ADD ridden gamer from the Midwest of the USA!

Thanks to the readers, especially the followers. Almost 4 dozen. That's nice. And there are some great bloggers that follow my humble little slice of the interwebs(thank you Al Gore). I would like that number to always grow. So if you know of anybody who would like to take a look at a semi-regular opinionated gamer, let em know.

Thanks for the BG's, the Baron for making gaming fun. And thanks to the little Mrs. that understands my love of playing with toy soldiers and make's sure it doesn't get too creepy and obsessive.

Here's to many more years. In 17, we can drink. And now, more cake. 


Brummie said...

Happy Belated Birthday. You have a great blog mate

Mik said...

Happy birthday indeed! I think blog years should count kind of like dog years (and they rhyme) so let's break out the brewskies!

Lead Addict said...