Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Another Tangent - 6-18-12 - Litko ITS

So as I sat at my table on Sunday morning, I had an hour and a half to do something. I didn't want to paint, so I broke out an xmas present the wife had given me in 2009 and I had never done anything with. The Litko Industrial Tower System Mega Bundle.

After a few hours on Sunday, and last evening, I have all the towers built, and have 4 walk way packs to build. It was a pretty easy build and I would definatley buy more of them. Some people only build individual level of the buildings to allow flexibility, but I want purpose built towers, so I varied them up and in the end got about 12 towers and a ton of walkways.

I broke out my necromunda gangs, and voila! Instant necromenuda game. Obviously they need to be painted, but these really could be spray and play, then add some detail as needed.


Scott Pyle said...

Nice--makes me nostalgic for our old Necro campaigns!


Lead Addict said...

I know, right.

Lead Addict said...

I am curious about this revision to Necromunda that is fan driven called Inquisimunda. Supposedly fixes a bunch of balance issues, which Necromunda had plenty of after the second campaign game.

Brummie said...

they look great. I can echo Scott's comment. This was my all time favourite game back in the day. Do you intend on painting them up?

Lead Addict said...

It was a favorite of mine too. We were talking about a group game, and talked seriously about Necromunda/ Mordheim. I have 3 gangs painted, all the others unpainted, and some of the original confrontation gangs as well.

I will definitely be painting these up. Spray paint base, washes and some simple detailing.

Clint said...

I look forward to seeing it painted. I echo the others about Necromunda great game back in the distant part. I am not looking for yet more projects, but now it's in my mind you never know.

Scott Pyle said...

It's easy for me to spend Heresy Miniature's hard-earned time and design funds, but I would love to see Andy tackle all of the Necro gangs with same attention and fervor he put into his "not-Delaques."

In addition to the many rules issues, Necro's other big problem was models that did not match the rules. Cawdor (my fav gang), a close combat oriented gang, right? Other than the Juves and 1 gang leader, not a single CC oriented model to be had. Huh?

Anyway, like any figure nut, I always want more.


Lead Addict said...

I know what you mean. I have to assume they were sculpting before the rules were finished. Has anyone tried these Inquisimunda rules? Maybe they fix the rules like Coreheim fixed the Mordheim rules.

They great thing about Necromunda is there are so many proxies out there now( same with Mordheim). And you can still get the basic gangs from the Evil Empire if you want to.

I have a real soft spot in my gaming heart for this game. I think tome has helped gloss over its many problems.