Monday, June 11, 2012

British Napoleonics Update - 6-11-12

Wanted to do a quick update on the painting front. I have put the Hirst Arts on the shelf, my terrain cravings stiated for the time being, and began painting a couple of units of 28mm British Nappy cav for my Penninsular Army.

I have had these particular figs on sticks for a very long time and it is nice to see them getting some love. I got the ponies done on two units of 12 figs. One of Hussars (in their rediculaous tall fur hats), and one of Light Dragoons on their distinctly British Tarelton helmets. Why they stopped using these and went to the french style Lt Dragoon uniform and shako is beyond me. How the hell would you have told them apart on the smokey battlefield is beyond me.

I have to do the horse furniture and tack, but the ponies themselves are done. Simple brown. about three shade variations for variety. Pretty sloppy at this point. But that will change.


Light Dragoons
Both Units
I hope to get some real time with these guys over Fathers Day weekend. But with spending time with my dad, stepdad, and father-in-law, that might be tough.

May have to move out the end date for finishing the Brits till August. Probably more realistc as the last 2 months have been spent on house and deck projects.


Brummie said...

Looking good so far, be nice to see them finished enjoy your weekend

Lead Addict said...

Well I guess fathers day is this weekend, so it may be next weekend, but they'll be getting love soon. I can assure you.

this would leave me 2 highland units left and 4 cannon.

I would then add 2 KGL infantry and 2 KGL Horse units at some time.

The spanish are close...but they keep running away: )

Lead Addict said...

BTW, Happy Blog Birthday Brummie!