Monday, November 5, 2012

R'lyeh Calls

I have been having fevered dreams and unwaking journeys feeling the strange call of R'lyeh. I don't know which of the Basement Generals feel this strange pull, but it is very hard to resist. Cthulhu you are truly a source of agitation.

I haven't sought out doing Eldritch Horror, but man some great stuff is out there. And I have seen some great figs and a lot of people who like the Strange Eons game as well.

So I dug through my existing stuff, and fiound I have some suitable stuff to get started in a reasonable and sensible way...But if we know oner thing, the Lead Addcit is not a reasonable or sensible person. So I spent some time sunday night cobbling some terrain together to scratch this odd itch. Here you go:

three Arcane Sources of Eldritch Power

Obelisk of Power
rear shot

Sacrificial Altar or Eldritch Gateway?

Rear shot
A gift from the Stars
Its always nice for me to get a quick burst of terrain stuff in. I am going to scratch this itch occassionally. I am going to get a few horrors and a few 'investigators' and also pick up the Strange Aeons rules. Enjoy.


Spacejacker said...

Id love to try SA, but the shipping is a bit steep. Wish they would do a PDF. :(
Great looking models though, nicely done!

Brummie said...

These look great, this another ruleset i'm finding hard to resist. I bought some Copplestone gangster to convert into agents for 7TV. I'm know thinking I could use these for Strange Aeons aaaaaaahh!

Lead Addict said...

Yes. The Copplestone Gangsters are perfect. As are a bunch of figs from Thrilling Tales from Artizan.

And Reaper has some nice horrors as are some of the figs from the Arkham Horror board game. And there were deep ones in the Reaper Bones Kickstarter.

And yes the price of the rules is steep and shipping is even worse. A PDF would be awesome. So I am still on the fence. You could always use Chaos in Carpathia and add the Eldritch stuff to it.