Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gruntz 15mm - Upcoming Playtest

We have a mini con starting on thursday at the BAron's Chateau. So I offered up some flavor for the BAsement Generals to pick from to take some of the hosting duties off the BAron. Well they took the bait and looks like we are playing Gruntz on thursday night.

The BAron and I did one playtest with my unpainted Eldar army vs my unpainted Pig Iron army. It went fine, but we didn't really do some things right and we went too big to start. But I like the basic mechanic, even though I have most of 15mm armies mounted on FoW bases.

I playtested the rules this weekend solo, and I still like the basics. So we'll see how things go. Here's some pics of the forces that will be engaged, Aliens vs Humans:



MIK said...

Looks like some nice forces, looking forward to the batrep. I'd like to hear more about Gruntz too.

Lead Addict said...

I'll tell you what, in getting ready for this battle I found the Critical Mass Games Gruntomatic webtool. Its amazing. so easy to construct forces and then turn them into cards for play. Awesome CMG