Friday, November 23, 2012

Update - 11-22-12

Here's a quick update on the goings on in the Workshop of Doom:

I have two units, plus 2 stands of Spanish Line Infantry for my Nappy Spanish Project on the table. One unit is base painted, the second unit is 3hours from completion. Once these two units are done, I will have 4 Line Units ready to go, which I can pull out a Grenadier stand from each unit to make a Converged Grenadier unit. Yeah. that's 5 Units, hopefully completed by the end of Thanksgiving Break. After that, I need to do a large Militia unit (8 stands), and the Spanish Infantry will be done. The Spanish Artillery is done. Then its 2 Dragoon Units and the Spanish Army is complete.

We had a great playtest of Gruntz the other day, so I think 15mm Sci Fi is gonna move up the list.I need to Finish the Humanist QRF(CMG Recon Infantry, GZG Hi Wheeled Mobility Vehicles, DP9 Mechs) Vehicles so I can move on and Finish my Garn (Khurusan, GW).

I am on the verge of Pulling the Trigger on painting my 15mm Fantasy Undead Army for Hail Caesar! But it's kinda either that or 15mm Sci Fi. Right now Sci Fi wins cause I think GRuntz is really workable for the group and me. But all I will have to do is pull out the blisters and away I'll go.

Contemplating what my next Side-Side Project is (there's always one). With Nappy's and 15mm Sci Fi going strong, I will need to take a break I am sure. So the leading contenders are Pulp Eldritch Horror(a little Cthulhu action), Some Fantasy Chaos Warband stuff (old Marauder and Citadel lead) to fight the Brettonians and Undead warbands, Or maybe some Epic units. Side-Sides are just for breaking the tedium of big projects that really don't have an end point.

I printed out the Dropzone Commander free downloadable buildings. They are great. Expect some quick cobbled together goodness for my Mechwarrior Repaints for Robofire!

Enjoy the long weekend and keep painting!

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