Wednesday, November 21, 2012

An Award and Thanks

My old blogging friend Space Jacker handed my a Liebster Award. Not sure where it originated from, but Thanks! and I'll play. The Liebster rules are 1) Link back to whoever gave it to you. 2) link to 5 other blogs with less than 200 followers that should be getting seen by more people.

Since I can't nominate Tiny Solitary Soldiers(it would have been my first choice), here's some I fancy to look at everyday:

The Baron's Blog - Well you guys knew this was coming. He is my bestest buddy and bestest gaming pal as well. He really has a great blog, and hosts the best game night every thursday, and has for 10+ years. He is the Founder of our gaming group, the Basement Generals, great painter, and terrific artist as well.

Dropship Studio - An active blog, that features a lot of GW content new and old. Content is great and I enjoy his painting and focus are also hallmarks of great army projects that get completed(sort of).

Miniature Miscellany - Another GW centric blog. His focus on EPIC over the last year(s) has really been a great thing to watch. He really knows how to paint and his 6mm stuff is crazy good.

Spaceman Spiff's - If you want Mech Zaniness and Inspriration, look no further. A dedicated Sci Fi gamer with a Mech slant, Spiff is a modeler, scratchbuilder and painter who loves all things with a targeting lens.

The Guns of April- A blog that chronicles the combined efforts of some stellar painters and gamers for their annual huge Con game. Last Year the Game was a Penninsular Nappy affair. You can see why I liked it. This year it is an American Civil War joint. All in 28mm, all with beautifully painted figs and terrain. Its as close as gets to the stunning English Club Demonstration Games that are legendary to those of us in the States. When you are done reading their blog, look at the blogs of the individual Guns. Great stuff.

There are more of course, Cluck Amok, the Orky 15mm, The Occassional Ambush to name a few.

And thanks again to Spacejacker. Keep Painting and Playing my friends. And Happy Turkey Day to those in the States.


Cluck Amok said...

Congratulations, Addict! And thanks for the mention : )

Gunrunner said...

Many congratulations- I have happened on your blog via Spacejacker and this award, and you have another follower!

Lead Addict said...

Thanks gents. It's going around. Nice post on the undead CC.

And glad you have come by gunrunner. Hope ou enjoy.