Monday, November 26, 2012

Spanish Napoleonic Update

OK here's a quick non-pic update on the progress of the Spanish over the weekend.

I now have 3 completed Line Infantry units at full strength (6 stands). Each unit is 4 line, 1 commnad, 1 grenadier. I also have a Grenadier command stand completed. So, once I finish 1 more Grenadier stands, I will have the ability to put together a converged grenadier unit from the line units.

I have a transitional period line unit ready to be started next. After that, I will finish the last Line Infantry unit.

So when done, looks like it will be:

5 Line Infantry
1 Converged Grenadier
3 Cannon
2 Cavalry(Dragoon-Guard)
2 Division Officers
1 Army Officer

That's a nice little brigade that will need to loose 6 units to be broken. Or they can be added to the Thin Red Line to bolster their lines.

I would like to buy a light infantry unit, but that will probably be something I come back to when I hit round 2 on each army (British (highlanders and KGL) Spanish Lights, etc).

After that, Here come the French.