Thursday, November 22, 2012

Blog Formats, Type Styles, and Colors

There was a simple discussion on TMP that has spread to several of the blogs that I read, and that applies to me and the LA blog. It was about a black background with white or light type. How horrible they are to read, and how much they hurt the eyes. And there was much grousing(as usual for the grumpy grognards on TMP) about only children and the GW fanbois who love their black and skullz do their blogs that way, how unprofessional and what a basic mistake it is from a design sense. Etc. 

So here are a few thoughts.

I don't write code. I am not illiterate, but I use blogger so I can blog, not deal with learning sioftware and computer languages so I can make it exactly what I want. I live with what looks good to me. 

Pics are eveything. If you are reading my words, well then I am just damn flattered you bothered to spend the time. And pics look best on a black or grey background. Period. even marginal pics look ten times better on a black or neutral background.

I have a feeling some of this is about the aging of the gaming base in general. Us old farts eyes don't work like they used to. YES its easier to read dark on white. But after a while (like 40 hours a week), it feels like a flashlight is being shined at my face. So a dark background is ok for a gaming blog cause everything else I do on my computer is black on white.

And just like all the idiots during the election, I am so tired of generalities, sweeping statements that classify whole categories of people, and general BS of people who don't like specifically what you are doing, when you couldn't give a crap in the first place. So shut up about the Skullz and 40k and go grind your anti-Evil Empire axe somewhere else so the adults can talk about stuff. I know of three highly thought of and non FanBoi blogs that have given reasoned and rational thought about this issue. Imagine that. 


Spacejacker said...

White on dark is fine with me. It's garishly colored text on another bright color that freaks me out... Or fancy fonts in the post body. I can still read it though... It's not like it's a novel.

Brummie said...

Doesn't really bother me what i'm reading unless the two colours are similar making it difficult that way.

Paintpig Dave said...

I'm due for my annual bog spring clean (style update) and I have followed the tmp debate with my usual level of enthusiam ;-)

Last year I wasn't really too bothered so chose the dynamic theme not realising that all links, apps and lists would either be lost or need rebuilding. After the "debate" I'm wondering if I could be bothered catering for readers which makes no sense at all!

Dynamic theme allows readers to choose a layout that suits them, would it be too much of a stretch to think that this could include test background colour?

Lead Addict said...

Oh man I didnt know that about the dynamic theme. As you can see, other than the banner, I am pretty basic.

I do get more adventurous on my RPG blogs, but simple is better for me. I am about due for an update though.