Thursday, October 25, 2012

Update - 10-25-12. Some things I have seen and liked

Since I have been far too busy to paint this week, I thought I would do a quick update on some things I have seen and I have liked in the gaming Blogosphere.

On with the show:

This is the Morgan in Biosuit sculpt for the Sedition Wars Kickstarter. Its absolutely amazing. This is as Fallout-y as it gets my friends. And that could be a plasma pistol he's weilding. Glad I pledged at the level to get this sculpt included.

Next is the Reaper Kickstarter. Since I and 17,00o other people pledged for this stuff, probably not a lot of surprises but a few things are making me glad I pledged. And this sculpt is one of them. Now that's how a fire elemental should look. Terriying if you have to fight it. The depth of the sculpt is exceptional. Love it.

And one of the big draws for me was the giants. I think we will have 3 sets of them between our group. I am going to use them with my Vikings and Ragnarok gaming and as true ginats in our 15mm Hail Caesar Fantasy Games. Can you imagine how great they will look with a 15mm unit standing there, instead of that 28mm shy elven lad. Awesome!

And then their is this mutha. Holy Crap. I don't do Cthulhu gaming, and didn't opt to get this guy, but jeeze. He's HUGE! I think that mysterious elven stranger is ready to get destroyed in mind and body. Kudos to Reaper for making huge things huge. I am really looking forward to some of these minis.

I have been really pleased with my Zombicide stuff. Delivered as promised. As well as my Goalsystem Delves rulebook. So for me, assumeing I get what Studio McVey and Reaper are promising, I am pleased with my foray into backing on Kickstarter. I am all Kickstartered out, so if you have a project coming out on Kickstarter, since there are so many now, you are just white noise to me at this point. 

Some blog Updates I have enjoyed:

The Fawcett Avenue Conscripts blog shows us what its like to build and get Khurusan's DOE on the table.

Good Ol Space Jacker has made so great looking hills and is still searching for a cinematic action movie game to skirmish with. He's modding Flashing Steel. I llok forward to here of his progress.

MCPhee's Miniature Men blog has some really well painted examples of Blue Moon's latest 18mm Napoleonics. These look like they are 28mm. I would take 28mm Nappies painted like this all day long. Great Job.
I have enjoyed the GW nostalgia and OldHammer movement on the Realm of Chaos blog. It's really fun to see the classic Citadel figs and blisters and seeing someone play the early versions of a game I once liked, and now abhor.

Carmen continues to march to the beat of his drum. His variety and creativity continue to amaze me.Always a fun look. If you don't look at his blog every day you are missing out on some fun stuff. His 54mm Apocolators are simply stunning. Here's a great paint of a Cthulhu priest:

That's enough for now. Keep surfin, keep paintin, keep playing. Later.


Brummie said...

Thats a very nice figure. If you like Fallout inspired stuff you should check out brother Vinni's figures

styx said...

I agree Brother Vinni makes some sweet stuff...nothing much I could use, I think I will at some point get the female commissar.

Spacejacker said...

Thanks for the shout, LA! I didn't upgrade to any of those large critters with my Bones pledge (Too many minis as is) but they look spectacular!

BaronVonJ said...

Man, after seeing those Blue Moon fellas, I might just be doing 1812 in 15mm.

Lead Addict said...

I looked at that as well Baron. But with all these painted Brits, kinda hard. And with all my painted 15mm brits, one side is done, either way. Pick your poison.

Sorry for all the typos. Jeez proofread LA.