Tuesday, May 15, 2012

So I ordered these two new molds to my list:

 The cavern accessory mold. Stairs, columns, doors, tiles, etc. Nice filler for my cavern.

Indutrial edge mold. This will be used for my 15mm scifi tiles. spacejacker used it to great effect for his project and now I will as well. http://tinysolitarysoldiers.blogspot.com/2011/07/3d-spaceship-modular-tiles.html

I will use Hirst arts floor tiles instead of his ingenius floor tiles from plastic and 20mm square bases, but I really like the feeling of his tiles. This will go well with my 15mm dungeon project. (that I can use Scott Pyle's great new Dungeon Delve rule set on).

As I was cleaning up my casting stuff last night in the dark, I realize I may have Gamer OCD as well. I was laser focused on getting molds poured yesterday when Igot home from work. So much so that I had 16 molds going at one time. Time to put on the brakes. relax. have fun. slow it down. New projects are like an itch you have to scratch. I'll probably only cast a couple molds a night, just to turn it down a notch and not look like a mad scientist on my back patio at 11:00 at night mixing plaster and pounding molds. How does my wife put up with this...

But I do have an awesome new set of tiles poured. I have 4 casts of all the sci fi molds. Only need about 6 more to actually be able to do something. and I really like the cavern molds too.

Wargaming is awesome.


BaronVonJ said...

I'm lucky if I get an hour in a night.

Lead Addict said...

Yeah. I think I hit it a little too hard last night and the boys were in bed and asleep when I realized what time it was. Like I said, time to pump the brakes. On the good side, My new molds have shipped.