Monday, May 14, 2012

And for something really different...

Ok so this is how my Gamer ADD works. I thought I would give you guys a little glimpse into the mind of a derranged gamer. I have been talking about needing a bit of a change to recharge the batteries. Now that my Nappy Fever has sttled down to about 100 degrees and simmering(simmering is where all the flavor is made), I felt a littl ebit of change needed to keep the juices flowing and not burn out. Seems resonable, but then I want to make sure I get to the finish line as well, that is finishing my British army and my small Spanish Army by the end of August. So I don't want to get too distracted.

So I resolved myself to painting my 1st Hussar unit as a reward. I ususally save Cav as a reward for pounding through the infantry. they are on sticks, they are rimed, they have base flesh painted and have a flesh wash. Good solid start, I'll stay focused on that so I can meet my goal fo August. Here they are, happy as a clam I am starting on them:

SO, I had 30 minutes on saturday and decided It wasn't enough time to work on faces, so I looked up from my table and saw these on a shelf: 

These are 28mm scale scrathbuilt shanties that I haven't finished yet for post apoc and sci fi. I pulled a couple down modestly and started to do some painting on them. Great I can always pick these off one at a time and get them done too. Good idea sir!

 Prgress on two of the shacks. I really had a lot of fun scratchbuilding these. Times up! Gotta go.

So I leave, and then I start thinking...Well, I can't just go from well made buildings to shanties(I am thinking in terms of Sci Fi here. Because I am particularly taken by the Sarissa Precision and MicroArt SciFi building for Infinity). And as the society develops, there will be a transition. So so small buildings, but better built than just a shanty. So maybe some concrete or plock buildings that have metal and scraps filling in the gaps, then full on heavy construction. Well I think I have some casts left over from all of the Hirst Arts Egyptian molds I cast about 3 years ago. Then the block house shaties were born. see below:
 So of course this morphed into, hey you need some more blocks cast. You have a 50 lb bag of unopened dental plaster. Just cast a few molds when you have some time this weekend. Keep it small. No bug deal. This is a fun side project when you have alittle window of time and dont have time to commit to painting.

So I found a couple of hours sunday to cast a few more basic block molds.Well, while digging for those molds, I ran across the scifi molds I got for xmas 3 years ago. Never been cast. Well maybe you could try a floor modl out...

Two hours later I have this:

 And this:

 This is the from the cavern molds I never cast.

Man I'm screwed. I love this stuff. and its fun to cast and pop them out of the mold. I never got one pour of the block molds, but I will. I think I may take a minor break and do some more of this. I know this won't last long cause its a lot of work. But if you have the materials cast, the fun part is scratch building stuff to use.

Sometimes you have to embrace the ADD, and let it take you where it must.

Don't worry sad Hussar. I will put your paint on soon. Don't worry.

And I just wanted to show you guys this resin cast model that is available for purchase. Isn't that incredible.I absilutely love it. I may have to pick it up. Its expensive and I don't remember who makes it, but holy hell that's beautiful.

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