Monday, May 21, 2012

Pouring update - 5-21-12

Well this distraction has been fun and energizing. I spent most of the weekend installing a new set of exterior doors on the Villa, but I did get those new molds poured and they are awesome.

Right now I've made about 6 pours each of the cavern molds. I really like the amount of wall that you can cover with these molds. And their height is perfect for 15mm figs. Just high enough for evoking the dungeon feeling, but low enough to move figs and see. Only issue I see is pouring enough floor to go with all the wall. I think I need to cast the floor 2 to 1 to keep eough floor tiles ready.

I got out and got a new sheet of pink foam so I will cut some tiles out of it tonight na start building. I think I will go 6x6, that's large enough to have a 4x4 room with wall all around. That seems to be a basic module need. Halls will be 4" and 3" wide (so I can have a 1 or 2 tile wide hall way with walls).

the thing I don't like is building the walls on top of floor tiles. It wastes a lot of floor tiles. But if you don't the walls look shrunken and small since their base is lower than the floor. I don't think I can get around this, but it sure uses a lot of tiles.

Pics tonite when I start making a few tiles.

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