Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Update 2/7/12

No pics yet, but I got an entire second 6mm sci fi army almost complete.

Armor is done(Tanks, tank killers, micv's, artillery and movers, air support, scout tanks). Infantry is base painted and highlighted. Detail for them is next. Finish bases and done.

The first Army is a Hi-Tech Grav Force. Mass Driver Cannons, Energy Weapons, etc.

The second force is a more conventional tracked force with high efficiency turbine engines, rifled chemical propellant munitions, and even some old school drop and place artillery(also some mobile heavy rocket artillery), and more infantry than the first force.

I can use the forces for Future War Commander and such, but I may also write my own set, since that's what Basement Generals do. If I can get the force complete by the weekend, I'll take pics, otherwise, should have pics of both forces and some initial terrain shots next week.

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