Wednesday, February 8, 2012

6mm Sci Fi, - Now with some quick pics

OK, Brummie has shamed me into taking the time to get some pics off.

These are of the first 6mm Sci Fi Force. Let's call them Force Alpha.

An all grav force, with advanced weapons (Lasers, Particle Projectors, Mass Drivers, etc)

Urban camo, national marking is the yellow circle.

Covered by a Assault Fighter, Assault Dropships look for the LZ to disgorge their cargo.

Assualt Dropships and Assault fighter streak through town.

Assault Fighter streaks low over the Town

Light and Heavy Speeders race to grab the high ground.

Medium Twin Laser Tanks

Medium Tanks

Assualt Dropships release their Power Armor Infantry.

3 fully supported Leg Infantry Units, with MICV's and Scout Cars behind.

A full Leg Infantry Squad, with full Support Assets. r to l: front row: Man Portable AT Missle Crew, Squad Machine Gun, Squad Leader, Hvy MG Support. (last stand is from unit next to it). Second Row: Standard Leg Infantry Fire Team(x3). Rear Row: Support Robot with Laser Cannon, PPG, and Assault Fist, Med Mortar Support Crew. 

Closeup of MICV's and Hvy Tanks behind, Support Robot in front

More Leg Infantry

A Tactical Support Robot assign to the leg infantry squad

Leg Infatry and Support

Swift Scout Cars

MICV's for the leg Infantry

Assault Carriers drop their Cargo, Power Armored Infantry!

Heavy Tanks

Heavy Mad Driver Gun Tanks

A cobbled together HEavy experimental Particle Fusion Gun Tank

Med Twin Laser Tank, Heavy Particle Fusion Tank, Heavy Mass Driver Tank

Looking through the ruined town at the force.
The second force, Bravo Force, is painted green, with national colors. Infantry are being finished, I'll post when I am done with them this weekend.



Brummie said...

They look excellent mate. Nice to see the mix of units from Space Marine. Cracking stuff.

I have a soft spot for speeders and aircraft in this scale. Its not Itch i've scratched yet but you've got me thinking.....

This Guy said...

What are the assault drop ship miniatures??