Thursday, February 23, 2012

Napoleonics - Update 2-23-12

Couple of quick picks to show you progress on my British Nappies.

I had originally formed and based all my units for Age of Eagles/Napoleonic Fire and Fury on Napoleons BAttles lines, so the Brits had 4 stand units, 3 units to a Division, while the french had 6 stand units, 2 to a Division. Well this won't really work for Black Powder, so I needed to bump my units up to 6 stands(16 to 24 figs). So In the end I will have a bunch of Command left over. So I spent the evening scraping, and mounting and painting faces and trousers to get the add ons up to the point the rest of the unit is. I still have a bit to do. But you can see my process here.  

The first pic shows my process pretty well. This is two units on paint sticks(free paint stirrers from Home Depot). I paint everything I do this way, unless it is a one off. so I mount the figs, spray black. Then do faces and hands base color(Game color Dwarf Flesh), then wash with Game Color Flesh wash. Mix a drop of the wash into the straight Dwarf Flesh, highlight, then work up from there. Ususally 2-3 highlights.

Then trousers, then jackets, then retrim all belts and trim black, then straight thinned white for them. nextis all the details. and done. 

Unit in Front has Flesh done, trousers done, jackets base painted and highlighted. Second Unit has flesh, and trousers done, jackets base painted.

This is the whole group of figs I am working on now. Flesh is done on all of them. Will probably spend the weekend doing trousers and jackets, and hopefully some lace and belts. I have 3 units here, plus the extra stands needed for three other finished units. And a stick of command that will have to wait for some troops to go with it.

I will have, once this initial group of infantry is done, 6 units of infantry, 1 unit of Cav, 6 cannon and command done. The next group will have the extra stands for my Rifles, another 2 Infantry units, and a Large Highlander unit. Then would be a unit of Lt Dragoons in Tarleton, A unit of Hussars and 3 more cannon. After that, a unit of KGL Lt. Dragoons in Shako and 2 Legion Infantry Units.

That would put the army at 12 Infantry Units, 4 Cav Units, and 9 Cannon. I think I could live with that. And if that happens, its Spanish Time. Been waiting for a long time to paint those boys. And then French. 

That is probably a years worth of painting the British for me, but doable I think. Also, I'll have to make room on the table to paint the amazing Khurusan Jasmine Throne Foreign Battalions when they finally come out, and some armor and opponents. We shall see.

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