Monday, February 20, 2012

Quick Update 2-20-12

I finished up the first phase of the monsters for my dungeon project over the weekend.

I have added:

Human cultists of the undead
Undead Necromancer
Necromancers Bodyguard
An orange skinned Ogre

I will do a couple of adventurer warbands to help develop rules for.

Pics tomorrow.

I got  serious hankering to do some Black Powder and to finish one of my great loves, my 28mm Peninsular British Army. I have joked about Nappy Fever before on this blog. What this really means is once I start painting Napoleonics, I usually get obsessed about it and it takes me a while to get it out of my system. So right now, that feels ok. I don't have anything that's driving me to paint it right now other than the Nappies, and while I am ruminating on getting a bunch of new Khurasan figs to continue my collection for Post Apoc and Sci Fi, this is a good time to concentrate.

So I think the Spring/Summer 2012 list looks something like this:

28mm British Peninsular
28mm French Peninsular
15mm Dungeon Crawl
15mm Sci Fi/Post Apoc

A potential new contender may be a group project for Dystopian Wars. We shall see.

I'll be posting progress pics of the Brits as I go along.

Thought I would throw up some pics of the progress pf the Army as it sits now.

Infantry Units. I will be adding 2 stands to each of these so I can have a 24 man 6 stand unit for Black Powder

Brigade Commander

Hvy Dragoons

Royal Artillery


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