Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I feel a bit under the weather

I sent this letter to my old friend, Ze Baron. It is about intrigue, sickness, obsession. I am sure I am not the only one with an ailment. It just feels good to talk about once in a while:


After reading your last post, it doesn’t seem that we will get around to Marlborough for another couple of years(see how realistic I am now), which is fine.

But as I finished my companion army for 6mm Sci Fi(that’s right two complete armies finished and based, with a good bunch of terrain), I finished off some 15mm monster for the dungeon project and wondered where I was going….

I have a nice little group of undead single 15mm figs I am working on. (from skeletons, to zombies, to wights, to werewolves, to a vampire and crazy vampire in bat form on steroids, the reaper, and of course an evil necromancer to lead them). A really great demonworld ogre. So I will be picking them off one by one as I decide on a system to play it with(probably similar in mechanics to WH Quest).

I then have the last highlights of a big group of 15mm Sci Fi Vehicles to finish off my Quick Reactionary Force. So I really should get that completed.

And I really would like to get a jump on my Hail Caesar! Fantasy armies. Elves, Wood Elves Contingent, Undead, Bretonnians, Orcs, Empire, Dwarves(and I have all of it). Been a long time since I painted a fantasy army. I suspect this one would look rather nice.

But as I was digging the other day, I came across my 28mm British Penninsular all lined up and primered on sticks. Ready for love. And then I saw my  box that has the next phase(Phase III) on sticks, with my Spanish on sticks and primed and ready to go. And then I looked at what I already had painted…

I felt flushed, and a bead of sweat rolled down my forehead. My hands began to shake. I had to get out of there, or I knew I would succumb to NAPPY FEVER!!!!!!


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