Monday, February 27, 2012

Napoleonic Update 2-27-12

I like doing these quick updates. Helps me focus on the moment.

So at the moment. Some progress.
1 unit of British Light Infantry done.

Six Stand Unit completed

Closeup of the Command

My style is pretty impressionistic when I am unit painting. I tend to make some folds where there aren't any at times as well. Looks good on the tabletop.

I am well into the next unit. I have canteens, facings, and finishing the command.
Next Unit. I like Marching pose. It really exposes the British uifrorm.

I am getting the knack of the British Uniform again. And the painting of the second unit went really quick. The pose helped too, and I have a bunch more in the march pose, whew. Its been pretty fun. If I could do 2 units a month, that would be awesome. If I can finsih the current unit before thursday, I would have gotten the february count done(even though I didn't get started until the end of the month). and I can move on to March.

After the current unit, I will be adding 2 stands to my Rifles to bring them up to 6, and 2 stands to each of my undersized units. Goal for March = get all the undersized units up to size. Tat would be a total of 12 stands, the equivelant of 2 units. At the end of March, that would mean I have 8 complete units, 6 Cannon, and 1 Cv Completed. Afetr that it would be 2 Cav units for April, and Highlanders for May.


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