Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Follow up Pics of 15mm Dungeon Project - Undead

Here's the follow up pics of the 15mm Dungeon Undead I promised.

As ususal, I wish my photography skills were better.

The Necromancer Lord

rear shot

Necromancer's Captain/Champion

rear shot

Master and faithful servant
Human acolytes of the undead


rear shot

group shot

Group shot with reanimated skeleton servants

wider shot
Orange skinned Ogre

front shot

rear shot


Brummie said...

very nicely done. Really like those cultist types

Spacejacker said...

They look great! I currently get one fantasy fig painted for every 20 or so sci-fi.. So I'm a way behind you!

Lead Addict said...

The cultists were a snap. Spacejacker, I have been using your advice on really making sudden jumps in highlighting for the 15's. It makes all the difference on the table. Doesn't show well in the photos, but it works great. Thanks for that. I ususally do 5 higlights to get the same results as the 3 I used on the cultists.

Quake Queenwolf said...

Cool miniatures and paint job! If you don't mind I have some questions, thanks :)
What brand are these 15mm undead ? I've never seen these before, same for the orange skinned Ogre. I wonder if they are available online somewhere , where did you get them?
I also like thin bases and not too large in diameter, makes them look more natural. Which diameter and thickness are these washers?