Friday, January 21, 2011

Pics of the medieval Infantry of Sir Percival

Here's some pics of Sir Percivals foot troops. A unit of Archers, Halberdiers and Men at Arms. Bases not finished, but , if I finish the cav this weekend (Sunday I hope) Then I will finish all the bases and do some glamour shots.

so here they are. First up, The Men at Arms:

And the Halberdiers:

And a few group shots with the archers in there too:

All in all, with the Cav, a nice little Warband. As I flesh out the Kingdom, I will add the King and his troops, And three or four more Lords, plus The Fey (Woodelves, beastmen and the like) and the Barbarians from across the sea (GW Chaos old and new/ but men only, no creatures). I smell a mini campaign coming on. I am planning on using the Brytenwalda or Song of Blades and Heroes for rules.

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