Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quick Post

Always fun to drive for 2 hours in a freak ice event when you have to deliver a proposal you have been working on for a week.

Had a great weekend. Dinner out Friday night with the family, a wrestling tournament saturday all day, watched football all night with the wife(awesome), and then wtached football and painted on sunday. a good day all around, topped off by my home made chicken and noodles.

anyway, got the unit of halberdiers completed as the armor wash was drying on the men at arms. I will follow up with pics, but I would like to strangle my bro-in-law for painting the lords heraldry the way he did.

See, I bought a unit of his painted Grail Knights. Older GW metals that he had painted just like the box. Beautiful. I am using those five knights as the lords for my individual retinues. So, there's a blue and red one, a red and black one, and of course the green and yellow one. I now have to match the heraldry of the green and yellow one for my retinue. Always nice to have a complicated shield design. Grrrr...

Its not that bad, but It would kill me on a big army. Looks good when done though.

Pics tomorrow. Hopefully, I will get the men at arms done tonight so I can work on Ponies the rest of the week and this weekend.

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