Thursday, February 3, 2011

Robofire! - Or how to have fun with Supersystem and Battletech

Hello gentle readers. As we in the midwest unbury ourselves from the recent blizzard, I thought I would post about what me and the Baron have been up to.

Scott Pyle of Supersystem and the Four Color Figures Blog fame has generously allowed the BAron and I to play test a game he has been working on. Robofire! Its a way to use the big stompy robots and tanks in a fast and fun way, with minimal bookkeeping, and is based on his terriffic Goalsystem rule system.

The rules are pretty raw, and sop we are plowing ahead with games as written to make suggestions on some changes. Overall its a blast, is fast and fun, and lets us use the big stompy robots we all love/hate.

First things first. I am firmly in the camp of not liking giant robots as big as a building walking around on a high tech battlefield. Too big, too expensive, too easy to destroy. (My hard sci fi roots can't help me over this). I can go about as far as Heavy Gear, where the mechs are about 15-18' tall.

But, one of my first wargames I ever bought was the boxed set of Battletech, and I loved all of the Macross mechs. So I am torn. So screw it, in the end I want to paint and game and have fun, so there's room for it all.

So this and Robofire has led the Baron and I to Troll and Toad to buy discount clicky Battletech plastics for repainting. And am I glad. I have had a blast this last week painting my new figs.

So here they are. A faction for our gaming pleasure. Painted in a weekend and on a couple of snow days.

40 stands of Infantry, 8 tanks and vehicles, 2 mechs. I have 3 more tanks, and 2 more mechs to complete the force.

I'm pretty happy with them. Tried to keep it simple. Simple paint scheme. Simple highlighting on panel lines, little bit of detail work. Nice wash of GW Devlan Mudd (its the holy grail of washes). Done.

I have another faction I'm doing next. About the same size. Then I need to paint some terrain buildings so we can play this at Recruits in March. Can't wait.

I am working on a variant for Heavy Gear. Its a little more complicated, captures the gear combat pretty well. Thanks Scott, for the rules. They are a blast.


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Looks dynamite! Thanks for showing them off and talking about RoboFire!

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Thanks for writing them.