Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pic of the Medievals

Here's some WIPs pf the Bretonnians I mentioned from yesterday. Didn't get to the painting table last night, we were watching a movie as a family. But did get a chance to go through my bound copy of the 2nd Edition of Mutant Future from lulu. Awesome.

 So here's a really bad photo of the whole group on base and primered. All of the flesh and wash is done. Cav on the left infantry in front and on the right.

Metal bretonnian arcehrs. These will be blue and yellow(gold). Their mounted bowmen companions are behind them.

The ubiquitous Bretonnian arcehrs from the WHFB box set. The beginning of plastics in a modern sense for GW. I have a hundred or so of these guys. Can probably get more. They are nice and simple to paint.

 The mounted longbowmen, and behind them, the mounted knights from the WHFB box set. I have a ton of these guys too. these will be painted black and red. I will repaint the McDonalds standard bearer to be red and black.

Another unit of plastic knights. They will be green and yellow(gold).

And the rest of the infantry. a unit of men at arms (old foundry), and a halberdier unit on left (green and yellow(gold)), and a unit of halberds, spears and archers on the right (black and red).

Once done, I should have about 150 bretonnians painted, certainly enough for a nice scrum. Especially if you add a couple of wizards or druids and some Fey creatures as well. that reminds me, I need to get some beastmen.

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