Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It has passed..just barely

It always starts slowly, then builds to a fever pitch, and goes away only after 1000's of brush strokes and months of time. That's right, Nappy Fever!!!!

I am happy to announce that my recent bout with Nappy Fever has passed. Just barely. Jeesh. It was close, but the full distraction of the holidays tempered the fever quite a bit, so I was never really fully in its throes, although it felt like it for a couple of weeks.

And as the fever has passed, it still lurks out there ready to grasp my weakened constitution and wreak havoc with my system.

But in the mean time, MEDIEVALS!!!!!

As the fever passed, I got to put together some warbands for Song of Blades and Heroes. GW Bretonnnians to be exact. Mounted on 1" washers as all my warbands and skirmish units are.

So over the weekend, I built a bunch of small warbandy units from my Bretonnians, to add to what I already had done.

I have 6 units of 6 infantry (mixed spear, halberd, men at arms, archers) 2 units of 5 mtd knights, and 1 unit of mounted bows. Half will be painted in green and yellow livery, and the other in Red and Black. While the Mounted long bows will be blue and yellow, accompanied by a dozen foot bows.

Base painted the first green and yellow archer unit and they look just fine.

Hopefully will finish them and the Men at Arms (armored) tonight.

I would like to find a warband scale medieval ruleset that would accomodate about 30 figs a player, multiple player, about 5-10 figs per unit. But smaller skirmish scale of 1 to 1. Song of Blades can bog a little bit. I guess Pig Wars would work as would a modified GASLIGHT. Looking for something more though.

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