Wednesday, January 5, 2011

British Nappies - What is done?

I took some pics of what I had done for 28mm Bits. They are not based yet, but I like to do them all at the same. So I will base when I'm done with Phase II.

Here they are:
 6 infantry units. 3 Line, 2 light, 1 Rifle

 Close up - Line in back, Light and Rifle up front

 Close up - Lights in front, Line in back

 Close Up - Lights in front, Line in back

 Corp Commander

Heavy Dragoons in front, Rifles in front

 Hvy Dragoons

Close Up - Hvy Dragoon Command 

 Horse Artillery

 Royal Foot Artillery

 Division Commanders
 Close Up - Division Commanders
Close Up - Division Commanders

Next, I'm gonna show you the staged progress on my new infantry.

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