Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And the long slide down that slippery slippery slope starts....

Napoleonics, Nappies, call it what you will, men dressed in suits, lace, boots, and tall hats, shooting slow moving big balls of hot lead at each other across an idylic valley in europe. Im in! And by in I mean ALL IN!

Its as addictive as anything I know. And at times, I avoid it like the plague. It can be an all consuming force as a wargammer. And I was stricken by it 15 years ago. Thanks Al. I have:

6mm French - I bought these from Bacchus so I could model, in full ground scale, a French Infantry Battalion 1:1. And why not add enough cav for 1:1 regiments of cav.

15mm Everybody - My entry in to the whole mess. I now have full 15mm Armies, based for Age of Eagle/Napoleon's Battlles, for all major countries involved in the conflict. I don't have all of the Confederation or small Allies, but I can do almost any battle I want. French, British, Russian, Prussian, Austrian, Spanish.

28mm British, French, Spanish - And the current obsession, Penninsula, 28mm Foundry, mounted on rectangular bases, 4 figs. Phase I of the Brits are done, Working on Phase II now.

And so it starts. I know that if I start it ususally means at least a month or two working on them. I started on them this weekend. 2 units of Infantry, 1 British Guard Unit, 1 British Light Infantry. I have 4 more Line units ready to go, a unit of Hussars, and a couple of command.

As I read through the rules for Commnads and Colors: Napoleonics, I will be filling in painted units to match the units in the rules.


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