Sunday, January 1, 2012

Xmas haul 2012

It was a good Xmas here at the House of Doom. Hope all my friends and readers had a great holiday season.

Time for a run down of the haul for the holidays.

To help fill in some gaps for playing Tomorrow's War, Gruntz, and FAD with 28mm GW minis. I have scads of the evil empires minis, but will never play the rules. But I still love the non-skull laden armies, and evn have a soft spot for the big dumb ole space marines.

Any way, I got a couple of Tau piranha to go with my existing size able forces, and some Orkney jump pack troops and heavy weapons.

And my favorite, I received from my lovely wife a great starter army of Coplestone 15mm fantasy barbarians. Classic Conan stuff. I think he sculpts 15's better than 28's. And that's saying something. I will be adding more when he releases the archers that are supposed to be coming at e beginning of the year. They will be going with my commands and colors fantasy armies, and for my 15mm dungeon.

I also got a great post apoc shooter for Xbox called Rage, and Space Marine, which I highly recommend for pure carnage.

Hope you all have a great new year.

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