Monday, January 2, 2012

15mm Dungeon Followup with Pics

The whole tile set,  71 tiles plus 3 big rooms, I am finishing the big rooms. I missed 1 tile in the set and need to finish it. And I need to add about 8 more corridors and 4 more corners to help fill in the gaps.
Hey everybody, used the wife's camera to get some pics in of the 15mm Dungeon. Not used to her camera so I apologize for the clarity. I think they are a bit shaky.

Dungeon Throne Room  - Our intrepid Adventurers meet the great Orc Shaman and his giant spider minions

Another  shot of the throne room

The three premade rooms. The Throne Room, The Pool, and The Crossroads. Just starting to paint these. I will post them once finished.  These are 6"X6".
Half the tiles

blow up of tiles

blow up of tiles

blow up of floor, corridor and corner tiles

The other half of the tiles

Blow up of tiles

T-intersections, 4-Way Intersections, etc.

The dungeon entry tile

A quick dungeon layout using all the tiles

Blowup of the layout
Blow up of the catacombs section


Giant watery foes emerge from the pool.

An ogre assaults the adventurers in the catacombs

I love the way that mixing 15mm figs(the adventurers) with 28mm figs(an old GW/MB Ogre) really starts to add to the monstrous scale difference and makes monsters much more menacing. Dragons are finally  frighteningly to scale when you do this. It looks awesome.

The final room!

Easy pack up and storage. 10 minutes to set up, 5 minutes to pick up and store. All thats needed is 2 shoeboxes for all 71 normal tiles. Rooms will go in their own box.

Now on to dungeon fixtures, fuirniture, and denizens. Again, using some 28mm scale stuff will work, but not all.
When I get some more figs, monster and furnishings done, I will post some more pics.


Spacejacker said...

Looks absolutely fantastic, congrats on a project very well done!

Brummie said...

Very Nice. Good to see the Heroquest Ogre not seen them in years!

ken said...

I am seriously considering painting the tops of all the walls black so that they will highlight the floors and sides of walls. It will look even better with the black cloth down.

Thanks for the comments. When done with the rest of the stuff I will try to get some glamour shots done.

Lee B said...

Spatter of green on stone looks sharp. A few bleached bones and rusty fixtures would be good additions. I also vote for black wall tops (and black for the checkerboard room?)

Joshua said...

Damn, that's lovely! Can't believe I missed seeing this before.

Forgive my ignorance if it was said before, but what is the source of those adventurer figures? I could use a few more 15mm adventurers.

Lead Addict said...

Thanks, The figs are Demonworld sculpts.

Joshua said...

Righty, thanks!