Sunday, January 1, 2012

15mm dungeon project

Inspired by my favorite blog, Tiny Solitary Soldiers, I have been working on a dungeon tile project in 15mm.

My phone is not taking photos right now, so no pics today, but I will describe the project and my progress.

I have a ton of 3" mdf bases so I have been looking for a project for them for a while. The TSS blog had a project he did for zombies on some terrain tiles that used glass tile from a DIY store, and left over junk.

I found some great cheap tile at home depot, I can get a four by four grid of tiles on a 3" base. I decided to do a full on dungeon tile system with the tiles. So I am using pink foam for walls and I score and cut all the blocks for the wall texture with an xacto.

I decided on the tile types(corridors, angles, corners, full floors) then just added glass tile or walls as needed. I have made 72 tiles, plus 3 6" x 6" full rooms.

I used Xmas break to paint, high light, and seal the dungeon tiles. After some touch up, I will be ready to start on the dungeon adventurers and denizens.

I have an embarrassment of 15mm fantasy figs, so I will have no problem having enough selection to go around. Now to figure out how to play in this maze. Hope to get some picks up soon. Thanks for reading.


Spacejacker said...

Sounds awesome, it's really nice to see when someone gets motivation from a blog project. Looking forward to pics!

Brummie said...

Thats sounds really good looking forward to the pics