Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Blog

A little aside to tell you guys about a side project of mine. Inspired by a roleplaying blog(I wish I could remember which one), I started a blog about a fictitious time travelling Gentlemen Explorer and his dedicated scholars documenting the creatures he encounters in his travels. How do we get inspired to write the posts. Well that's the fun part and the game of it all.

When we log in or comment on another blog, we all get the verification word we have to enter to ensure we are not a computer. Well, that's where we get the names of the creatures. The name of the blog is:

Professor J. Fenious Peak's Fantastical Menagerie of Verification Creatures:Being a catalog of the fantastical creatures discovered during Professor J. Fineous Peak's adventures to the past present and future.


The blog is written by myself, and several professional artists, and is just a way to flex some creative muscle(me with writing, them with illustrations and writing) and have some fun, and hopefully add some creative options to my Post Apocalyptic and other genre roleplaying. Anyway, if you want to peek in now and again, I hope you enjoy. Sorry about the bold, blogger not cooperating)

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Brummie said...

sounds good will be following with interest