Tuesday, January 17, 2012

15mm Dungeon Denizens I

OK, so as promised, here are some pics of the first dungeon denizens.

All of these were primered white(i don't know why) so I decided to use a technique my Bro-In-Law used to use with great effect. All washes. all bases colors are washes on white primer so the wash actually highlights and shadows all in one coat. Its quick and effective if done right. That's a big IF. So I like some of the results. I have always been a fan of fluid dynamics and the random realism it provides. Sometimes it just gets muddy or isnt intense enough. I am certain to go back to my old black primer, english triad system, but you always gotta flex the muscles.

Old School D&D long-nosed Trolls:

GW (really)giant rats from WHQuest:

GW (really, really) giant bats WHQuest:

And a bunch of action shots:

And the next batch of dungeon denizens on the table.

An old rat swarm and an ogre who will be getting a black undercoat:

Demonworld Thain Werewolves: 

GW lizard swarm becoming giant lizards:

Demonworld Minotaurs:

And my new Khurasan skeletons. Man these are deleicate and well sculpted:

After these I will do the zombies, zombie wolves, vampire, and an old liche. I may sculpt a couple of ghosts as well. I need some ghouls to add some power to the zombies. And some skelton archers(which I have).

After that, a warband of heroes. After that, who knows. let's hope I get that far.

Happy Painting.


Brummie said...

looking good. Those skellies do look fragily thin.

Spacejacker said...

looking good, love what you've done with the place ;)

Lead Addict said...

Thanks Fellas. More on the way.